I recently worked with the team at Roster to rapidly deliver initial proof of concepts for their social networking and event management mobile app for iOS/Android.

As a rush job, this project was a bit unusual - but successful - as it helped project stakeholders to flesh out key concepts, and allowed VC funding partners to visualize what the app does, and how users would interact with it.

Project Overview:
• Mobile design process included creative strategy, identity, UI/UX design and art direction.
• Rapid Delivery:  In just over two weeks, I helped Roster take their idea from a blank slate, to a clean, elegant brand identity, with detailed mockups of critical screens, features, and UI states.
• In this case, our compressed timeline didn't allow for comprehensive wireframes - so mockups were created directly from client's specs docs, and sketches from our initial brainstorming and whiteboard sessions.
• Initial layouts were optimized for iOS, with an Android version to be added later, once UI/UX is more fully fleshed out.

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