Prism Series – Bold Geometric Abstracts  (Matte acrylic paints on 1.5" wood boxed panels)
"Gris #8" (24"x24")
"Verde #2" (18"x24")
"Songbird Progression". Series of twelve paintings, approx 12"x12". Acrylic paint and mixed media, on 3/4" birch plywood. Visual game, consisting of A) 12 different color spaces extrapolated from various species of songbirds' plumage. B) Each piece can be rotated multiple ways, while aligning with, and completing the design of one or more other paintings.
"Totem Progression", Triptych, 12x12". Matte acrylic paint on 1" masonite/wood panel.  Visual game, wherein each painting can be rotated in at least 1-2 different ways, while still aligning with the designs on the other two.
"NYC Streets", Triptych, 18x24". Acrylic paint on 3/4" birch plywood.  
Selected painted works from past series. Most are either acrylic paint on 3/4" birch plywood, or masonite panel.  
Selected street art by IRS1, circa 2006.  Hand-painted acrylic details, on inkjet-printed office stationary.
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