As art director for, I art directed 30+ complex, product & editorial photoshoots for all of Godiva's online sales and marketing campaigns.

Key Responsibilities
• Creative brainstorming with client, photographer and other stakeholders, concept development, and drafting of creative brief for photoshoot
• Pre-shoot planning, set design, prop selection and coordination with photographer, stylists and set fabricators
• Shot list ordering and coordination (i.e. Logical, efficient sequence of related product shots, to help minimize setup times, avoid unnecessary re-work, and ensure visual consistency among related products)
• Shot planning, composition and framing for specialized layout needs (e.g. custom layouts to accommodate typography, text layouts, etc)
• On-Set Collaboration with Photographer re: lighting, focus effects, depth-of-field, exposure bracketing, etc
• Real-time coordination with Client, re: previews, feedback & shot approvals
• On-set product & food styling, prop setup & positioning, and hands-on QA for each shot
• Post-production coordination with photo retouchers to ensure delivery of flawless, accurate final output
• Product image batch processing and custom asset production

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