Early in my career, I had the honor of collaborating with / being mentored by legendary designers Lella and Massimo Vignelli on a minimalist redesign of a mutual client’s online store, Carolee.com. 

As Carolee's longtime Agency of Record, the Vignellis were responsible for creative oversight and approvals of all Carolee design or branding projects across all channels - in this case, to ensure my designs met their exacting standards.

Our project began with a creative brainstorming meeting with Massimo at Vignelli Associates' offices, followed by a memorable series of in-person design sessions with Lella. They were both generous with their time, providing ongoing creative feedback throughout the entire project. Lella was a delight to work with – with her sketching out potential grid layouts, suggesting fonts and colors – as I "drove" in Photoshop, translating her creative vision into polished, user-friendly, buildable designs. 

Ultimately, the concept we settled on was light, airy and elegant – and still one of my favorites. Truly an inspiring, formative design experience I’ll never forget – so I’m including it here for posterity...  :)

To learn more about the Vignellis' remarkable career and lasting impact on 20th century design, check out the documentaries Helvetica and Design Is One.

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