Powered by AdvisorEngine's OWM Platform, their B2C RoboAdvisor is an easy-to-use, algorithm-driven financial advice portal designed to help bring the next generation of investors online. B2C RoboAdvisor helps increase client engagement, and empowers consumers to take charge of their financial future, with interactive goals-based financial planning tools, intuitive portfolio analytics, and a seamless, hassle-free paperless-onboarding experience.
Project Highlights:
• Responsible for visual and UI design for this complex project spanning 2+ years, multiple major releases, and hundreds of design comps.
To accommodate first-time investors, I worked closely with UX designers to streamline complex workflows and keep each screen as simple and user-friendly as possible. 
• Where appropriate, the UI uses a combination of interactive widgets to help users visualize key financial data, and simple, step-by-step questionnaires and wizards to guide clients through complex financial decision-making workflows as smoothly as possible.
• Note: As a generic "white label" product, we had to keep overall look & feel fairly conservative - and I partnered with developers to create a flexible, brandable design theme that integrates easily with existing corporate identity systems.
• As the public interface between OWM, advisors and their clients, B2C RoboAdvisor is fully responsive for optimal experience on desktop or mobile devices.

(Additional screens, coming soon)
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