I'm Noel Suthers, an experienced digital art director and UI designer in Brooklyn, New York. I've designed award-winning websites, online stores, fintech platforms, and online marketing campaigns for some of the world's most successful brands - and I'm currently exploring new opportunities in the NYC area.

In recent years, my designs for AdvisorEngine's financial technology platform were instrumental in landing new accounts and securing multiple rounds of VC funding, totaling $55M. Prior to working in Fintech, I worked extensively with IFC.com and other media brands. Prior to that, I spent seven years at Fry, Inc, where my award-winning e-commerce sites generated over $500M in sales for Godiva, Wedgwood, Waterford, Nautica, Home Décor Products, Henry Schein, La Redoute/Redcats and other online retailers.

As a lifelong artist, maker, and inventor, I'm passionate about art, science, languages and geopolitics. Fluent in English and Spanish. Working on French. 

I have a versatile skill set, and can play a variety of roles, depending on the project. My primary specialities:

Digital Art Direction:  As a digital art director, my job is to bring the creativity. In this role, I'm actively involved throughout the creative process, responsible for conceptual development, visual design and creative execution for high-end websites, financial web apps, online stores and digital marketing campaigns. I work closely with clients, creative directors, UX designers and developers to ensure our final product is visually compelling, on-brand, and exceeds client expectations. I'm adept at guiding clients through the creative process, and fostering consensus between creative, technical, business and other project stakeholders.

UI Design:  In addition art direction (which can encompass a wide variety of digital or offline media) I also specialize in visual design of complex interfaces for digital products such as financial web apps, SaaS platforms, and mobile apps. In the context of these more complex projects, I work closely with UX designers, product managers and engineers to translate complex business strategies, user stories, wireframes, and other UX assets into clean, elegant, pixel-perfect designs used to build high-end digital products.

 Core Skills: Visual Design,  Digital Art Direction, UI Design, Creative Strategy, Branding & Identity

Expertise: E-commerce sites, complex Financial web apps, Enterprise / SaaS platforms, Online marketing campaigns, UI troubleshooting, Web redesigns and rebrands

Interests: Financial technology, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Media, Biotech, Digital Medicine

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