I'm Noel Suthers. I create compelling digital experiences that bring brands to life.

I have a versatile skill set, and can play a variety of roles, depending on the type of project. My main specialities:

Digital Art Direction:  As a digital art director, my job is to bring the creativity. I provide conceptual development and oversee visual design and creative execution for high-end websites, financial web apps, online stores and digital marketing campaigns. I work closely with clients, creative directors, UX designers and developers to ensure our final product is visually compelling, on-brand, and exceeds client expectations. I am adept at guiding clients through the creative process, and fostering creative consensus between creative, technical and business stakeholders.​​​​​​​

UI Design:  Similar to my role as art director - but as a UI designer, I specialize in visual design of highly complex interfaces for financial technology web apps, enterprise platforms and SaaS systems. In the context of these more complex projects, I work closely with UX designers and Product Design teams to translate complex business strategies, user stories, wireframes, and other UX assets into clean, elegant visual designs used to build high-end digital products.

In recent years, my designs for AdvisorEngine were instrumental in landing new accounts and securing multiple VC funding rounds, totaling $55M. Prior to Fintech, I spent several years working for IFC.com and other media brands. I also spent seven years at Fry, Inc, where my award-winning e-commerce sites generated over $500M in sales for Godiva, Wedgwood, Waterford, Nautica, Home Décor Products, Henry Schein, La Redoute/Redcats and other online retailers.

I'm a lifelong artist, maker, and inventor with a passion for the arts, the sciences, linguistics and global geopolitics. Fluent in English and Spanish. So-so in French.

 Skills:  Digital art direction, UI design, Visual design, Creative strategy, Branding & Identity

Specialties: Financial web apps, E-commerce sites, Enterprise & SaaS/EAS platforms, Online marketing campaigns, UI troubleshooting, Web redesigns

Brands: AdvisorEngine, IVA Funds, Cloudian, Godiva, Nautica, Wedgwood, Waterford, Home Décor Products, La Redoute/Redcats, Graco Baby, Volkswagen, Polaris, IFC, FilmOn, Small & Creepy Films

Interests: Fintech, Blockchain, Biotech, Digital Medicine, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Media

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