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Small & Creepy Films
(Caroline Thompson/Steve Nicolaides)

  • Project: SmallAndCreepy.com
  • Categories: Entertainment, Front-end Design
  • Services: Creative/Art Direction, Design, Template Development (certain pages), Flash Design, Ongoing Maintenance
  • Description: In 2007, Module was commissioned by acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Caroline Thompson (the creator of "Edward Scissor-Hands", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "City of Embers" and "Black Beauty") and Mega-movie producer Steve Nicolaides ("Nacho Libre", "The School of Rock", "A Few Good Men", "Boyz n the Hood", "Misery", "When Harry Met Sally", "The Princess Bride", etc) to craft a delightfully disturbing lil' "cabinet of curiosities" to showcase their latest indie projects and an eclectic mix of short films by aspiring auteurs and fans of the genre.

    In terms of design approach, this was one of Noel's favorite creative projects, as Caroline's incredible brainstorming abilities, and eclectic vision gave him a chance to explore a ton of artistic treatments, techniques, palettes and textures. Ultimately, we ended up executing more than a dozen design concepts, before arriving at THIS - so feel free to check out the entire slideshow... ;)
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