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BattleCam / Alki David

  • Project: BattleCam.com Lifecasting Site
  • Categories: Lifecasting, Vlogging, Social Media, Gaming, Comedy, Live Video Chat, Entertainment
  • Services: Branding & Identity, IA/UXD, Creative Direction, Digital Design & Ideation, Sales & Marketing Support
  • Description: In the course of our work for Alki David, Module redesigned FilmOn's headlines-making "Social Video / Competitive Lifecasting" platform, BattleCam.com. Our engagement becan with a total rebranding and redesign of BattleCam.com, and expanded to revamping the site's live-video interfaces, social media and voting controls, customizable templates for sponsored-content channels, UI design for BattleCam's native and mobile apps, and branded widgets for use on 3rd-party websites.

    Disclaimer: Module is no longer responsible for BattleCam.com's current look and feel, content or controversial viral marketing activities (including the now infamous "$1M Obama Streaker Incident").